Tips for a Great Summer Party


  1. Pre-planning is key! The more you have planned every detail ahead of time, the more relaxed you will feel on party day. Plan the menu. Assign each item a serving dish and rinse it ahead of time. Prep food the day before. If you have outside furniture to wash, do so a few days ahead. Hire a few teens to help you with the party. Have them set up, clear dishes, refill food trays, keep the ice bucket full, and help with clean up.
  2. Little details make a huge impact! Create a “theme” and carry it through from the invites to the cards on the food tables to the thank you cards. Pinterest is a great resource to find ideas!
  3. Save time and money by sending “evites”.  There are several sites for this.
    The first is the most popular, but my least favorite.  All three are easy to use. You create an invite based on pre-made designs, customize it for your event, enter email addresses and voila! It also tracks rsvp and can send reminder emails. Celebrations will even automatically send a thank you after the event. (you customize it when you set up the evite)
  4. Always have a rain back up plan if it is an outdoor party. A pop up tent or garage space works great if you don’t want all of those guests inside the house.
  5. Remember to relax and enjoy your guests! No little detail is worth it if you are so stressed out you don’t enjoy your own party!
  6. Don’t experiment with “fancy food” you have never tried before! Use a favorite recipe and reinvent it with a fancy display instead.
  7. Be sure to consider your guests needs and comfort. Offer shade, plenty of water, & sunblock on sunny days. If it is night time and is chilly, offer throw blankets to the ladies, have bug spray on hand.

If all of this seems too overwhelming, hire a party planner like to handle and execute all of this for you! It will be the best party you ever had because you will actually be a guest at your own party instead of a worker!

Author: Angie Anderson, Owner, Belle Behind the Ball.


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